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Amazon Product SEO

Amazon Product SEO  is the optimization of your product listing in order to make your product appear at the top of search results.Amazon SEO allows you to make your products as visible as possible to potential buyers when selling products on Amazon.To make your Amazon product listing or web page more search-friendly, the SEO process includes improving its format, wording, media, and media.Amazon’s A10 algorithm can strategically be used to ensure your products appear at the top of search results – increasing sales. Understanding Amazon’s A10 algorithm is the first step in understanding Amazon SEO.

What’s Amazon’s A10 algorithm called? 

Amazon Product SEOWe know that if your product appears at the top of a search result, it is more likely that they will buy it. Buyers don’t have time to scroll through pages upon pages of search results. They are also more likely to believe that the most popular products in their search results are the most popular with other buyers. 

You will be able to propel your products to the top of search results if you keep up to date with the algorithm. Amazon A10 is the backbone of the Amazon marketplace’s search technology. Amazon A10, a subsidiary of Amazon, is actually based in Palo Alto, California. The algorithm was created to match the search queries of customers to the most relevant products. 

The A10 algorithm is focused on “revenue per click.” Amazon prioritizes revenue per click and sales. This is logical. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they are presented quickly with the exact product they need.You might be familiar with Amazon’s A9 algorithm if you’ve been selling on Amazon for some time. The A10 algorithm works in a similar manner, but there are some key differences.

6 Tips to Master Amazon’s Algorithm 

6 Tips to Master Amazons Algorithm

1. Eye-catching images are a must 

Amazon has many requirements for product images. If you don’t know this, now is a great time. These guidelines cover everything, from technical specifications such as pixel dimensions to background colors and lighting. 

Your product images should generally include a professional-looking image of your item, with a clear background and in-focus. The product should take up 85% of the frame.

Your photo is often the first thing that users see in search results. It’s crucial that your product stands out. A good photo will increase click-through rates and improve your ranking in the A10 algorithm.

2. Write enticing sales copy 

Your sales copy should tell Amazon customers what your product is and explain why it will meet their needs. It shouldn’t take too much to describe why a product is so great if you believe in it. There are some things you need to know. 

 First, be clear and concise in your writing. Do not get bogged down in salesmanship. Instead, focus on the facts about your product, its features, and how it works. You should use the A10 algorithm to attract potential buyers to your listing.

Your sales copy should contain your keywords. Stay tuned as we explain how to do your keyword research! You should have a list of keywords and long-tail keywords.

While keyword stuffing is not a good idea, you should scatter them all throughout your product pages. Your sales copy should read naturally to the customer while also helping you rank in Amazon’s search engine.

3. Be careful with keywords 

We’ve already explained the importance of using keywords in sales copy. But you may still be unsure how to go about it. 

Make sure you have your keyword list handy when writing product sales copy. These keywords can be placed wherever they would naturally appear in the description of your product.If you sell iPhone charging cables, for example, your keywords might already be related to the product specifications – e.g., USB-C, 2M Fast, iPhone 13 MFi certified. These words can be written naturally in your copy.

4 Traffic from off-site

Amazon sellers used discounts and deals to climb to the top of search results. However, the A9 algorithm made this less important than the A10 algorithm. Instead, you should focus on bringing traffic to your product from websites other than Amazon.

A portfolio of off-site traffic that points to your products will help you rank better on Amazon and Google searches. This is possible by getting bloggers to review your product and recommend it.

Look online for bloggers and micro-influencers within your niche. Reach out to them to inquire if they would be interested in reviewing your product. You’ll get valuable off-site traffic and a boost to your position in the rankings if they include your Amazon link.

5. Pricing strategies 

Strategic pricing is pricing your products at a competitive price but not at a level that makes it seem too good to be true.This is a smart way to do this: Take a look at what your competitors are doing. You can price yours at $19.99 if they have a similar product at $20. Profit doesn’t mean you have to go broke to sell your products. You just need to be visibly cheaper than your competition to get clicks.

6. Hustle for reviews 

Positive reviews are now more important than ever to your algorithm position with the A10. The algorithm evaluates each seller’s metrics and determines how well they meet the needs of Amazon customers. It also considers how satisfied its customers are with its service after purchasing. 

You must be persistent in your pursuit to get customers to leave reviews after they purchase. The more reviews you get, especially 4-5 star reviews, the more likely it is that you will appear on the first page of search results.

Amazon Product SEO

Avoid these Common Mistakes

Three of the most common mistakes in Amazon SEO are:

Writing inaccurate information 

Amazon’s A10 algorithm evaluates the trustworthiness and will blacklist sellers who are deemed to be scammers. This is why it is important to be honest in your product title and product description.

Stocking and Understocking 

Your sales velocity is taken into consideration by the algorithm. This means that you need to be vigilant about your inventory.

Not doing competitor research. 

Amazon is highly competitive for sellers. The best-value products will rank higher in search results. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and make business decisions accordingly.



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