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BigCommerce SEO

In order to achieve success with BigCommerce SEO Service for your online store, there are various aspects that you’ll want to ensure that you get right – from your Meta descriptions to your product pages or keyword method or strategy.

All over this article, we’ve shown a highlight on SEO for BigCommerce shop owners, so that you can start making advancements in your store and bring more advantages.

BigCommerce Seo

Some Tips for BigCommerce SEO:

1. Enhance your unique page titles and meta descriptions.

Your page title is the first component that search engines will crawl. Verifying that it concerns your target keyword is difficult to rank on page one. Basically, Google presents the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. If you limit your titles to under 60 characters, you can expect around 90% of your titles to be shown appropriately.

2. Improve your on-page SEO with product pages.

Always make sure that your BigCommerce SEO is on point when it comes to your product pages. This is key to achieving a good ranking in the results of search engines.

Remember that:

  • Using long-tail keywords in product descriptions
  • Using internal links to build up key pages
  • Applying headers and bullet points to make sections stand out
  • Search engines favour URLs that

You should also check out your on-page keyword strategy.

3. Make sure your product photo descriptions (ALT tags) are correct.

     Adding product photos or images to your articles can be an essential inspiration. You should always remember to provide your images with perfect ALT attributes.

4. Product reviews can advance BigCommerce SEO.

     Product reviews are the best means of social proof, but they can also improve your rankings. Actually, product reviews are listed as the fifth most significant element in establishing search engine rankings.

5. Make certain that your BigCommerce store is fully responsive.

     Both the internet and technology are increasing very rapidly day by day. Since 2016, people who only use one type of device to browse the internet, twice as much are using smartphones over desktop computers. Google has always been boosted by its users’ perspective. As mobile devices continue to jump in popularity, the search engine will favour this. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website is now a key factor to maintaining a high search ranking.

6. Improve BigCommerce SEO by optimising site performance.

     According to SEO, page performance is everything. It is not only good for SEO reasons, but the quicker your store loads, the less likely potential clients will be to leave and use an opponent’s site.

7. Use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to submit a sitemap.

     Sitemaps guide you to make sure that a website is exactly ranked within the search results. It supports search engines to crawl and index your page URLs excellently. BigCommerce initiates a sitemap for your online store automatically.

8. Continue a blog with short-tail, long-tail and LSI keywords.

    One of the finest approaches to improving your BigCommerce SEO organically is a blog that places posts on similar themes to your products and industry. While establishing your keywords for articles, you must use a tool such as Ahrefs, which recognises factors like monthly search volume and keyword difficulty.

BigCommerce Seo
BigCommerce website Seo



     We recommend that you use BigCommerce because it has built-in features without the problem of installing or paying for them separately. And you must like more design functionality for your store’s branding. BigCommerce gives you an opportunity to run an online business looking to grow across multiple channels.