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Introduction of | What is Google Ads?

Previously known as Google AdWords Google Ads is an advertising service generated by Google that lets people publishes their businesses with ads on Google’s search consequences and its network.

How does Google Ads’ bidding work?

The genuine place of your ad is determined by your ad rank (maximum bid times quality score). The expensive ad rank moves to the first ad position.

Google Adword

5 Different Types of Google Ads and How to Use Them for Sales

The eight different types of ad campaigns with Google Ads are as follows:

  1. Text ads: Text ads on Google search results are served by Search Ad.
  2. Display Ad – Image advertisements on websites
  3. Video Ad: Video ads on YouTube
  4. Google Shopping Ad – Product Catalog
  5. App Ad – Promote your app across multiple channels.
  6. Smart Ad: Clarified, automated ads on Google and around the web
  7. Local Ad: Chase the customers to a physical point
  8. Discovery Ad: Drive ads through Google’s feeds
Google Ads
Google Ads

An Introduction to Facebook Advertising

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing a single ad. And I’m betting you’re often tempted to click through and learn more. This in itself should simplify the reach and control of Facebook ads. They are the latest tool for reaching a deep, but more purposeful, audience on a budget because they can be done so cost-effectively.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Manager Varieties

First of all, understand the different types of Facebook ads:

Domain ad: A simple creation of your website that can only be shown in the right column. It’s a junky option and aims for you to include a title, a link, and a short description.

Page post link: These ads appear in our newsfeeds at all times and are a traditional way to drive traffic to your website and increase the number of likes on your Facebook page.

Page post text, photo, or video, and Like: Depending on the type of content you want to share, these are all ways for you to forward your Facebook page.

Opt-in ad: These lead-generating ads are awesome, and they make life smooth for your intent audience too.

Carousel: When you want to showcase up to five products (or images) with individual links and calls to action, then carousel ads are the best option.

Offer: If you have almost 50 likes on your page, then you can create an offer ad, which allows users to click to redeem.

Event: Accelerate the event you’re hosting, whether online or off, but you should be extremely focused with who you target here, as these ads can get costly.

Canvas: These ads are only for mobile. They deliver a fascinating way to expand brand awareness.

Dynamic ad: These ads are like secret pocket-size ninjas that expose people depending on their past actions observed on your website.

Creating your Facebook ads

To create ads, you can primarily use two tools: Ads Manager and Power Editor. Ads Manager is a tool for creating ads, tracking campaigns, and performing marketing goals. But Power Editor is the best choice for those who wish to run and manage large number of campaigns.

Facebook Ads Campaign
Facebook Ads


Google AdWords can be a huge investment, both in time and money. The search network can validate that your ads rank well in searches of users who are willing to find brands like yours, and the display network can be used for re-engagement or discovery campaigns.

Facebook Ads Manager has implemented the advertising business idea more genuine than any other firm or company in history with the possible objection of Google. It has amassed a massive user base and maintains a sizable, proprietary advertising channel. The company offers a free social media forum that is addictive in a factual sense.